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Vuong Software Development, Inc. provides web, desktop, and mobile development services to help businesses save time and money by performing top IT services with affordable prices. Founded in 2012, since then Vuong Software Development has been developing many applications being used daily by thousands of people all over the world.

We don't design applications to show you how to do your job. We design applications that get out of the way to allow you to do your job faster through an enjoyable, seamless interface.

What we do:

* Build cross-browsers mobile apps including Android, iPhone and others.
* Develop responsively interactive web applications.
* Structure scalable software applications.
* Create rich graphical Facebook apps.
* Design software applications according to our clients' business models.
* Implement highly customizable Dashboard Applications for Medical, Financial (NASDAQ/NYSE) sectors with rich user interface.

Vuong Software Development, Inc.

The following is a list of actual projects we had developed for our clients. Some of these projects are still being added new features, and some were actually completed in the past. However, there are a lot more of projects that we had implemented but are not listed here because we have not yet got the approvals from our clients to add their applications on this list here. Therefore, please come back and checkout this portfolio as we are appending more applications to our records.


A construction inspection service application
which is compatible on all desktops and
mobile devices. This app has the capability
of setting up projects, assigning facilities,
generating daily reports with multiple image
attachments and multiple disciplines,
managing users with their permission levels,
and controlling the entire inspection service
operation using built-in administrative
functions, and many more features
not included here.

MKH Testing & Inspection

Mission Manager, Inc. Managing and building more features to a great scale
application called Mission Manager. This application
is the most widely used incident management
tool for first responders, enables teams
to operate more effectively and efficiently.
Mission Manager is cloud-based, and
it is being used on almost
all advanced tools of Amazon Web Services.

Pattern Recognition Software

Using this application users
can search for a certain pattern
and/or use multiple outcomes of a searched
pattern to predict the outcome pattern.

10K Search Patterns

Casino Floor Control System

Casino Floor Control System

Mobile app and web appliction projects
In discretion of these casinos:
- Hawaiian Gardens
- Hollywood Park
- Hustler Casino
* Developed a CFCS on mobile (iPhone & Android),
using PHP, MySQL, jQuery Mobile and
Backbone MVC frameworks, CSS3,
DHTML5, and many more...

JBCA, Inc.

Web application projects @
Included features: Dispatch, Filtering Search,
Ultrasonic Testing, Calibration System.
* Implemented and designed automation
web-based test systems on inspection requests,
punch-list, deviation, notable and
outstanding items.

JBCA, Inc. Construnction Inspection Services

Mobile CRUD Demo

Mobile Demo

This database driven mobile app was built
with the intention to make it compatible across
all mobile devices and on all browsers existed.
Use your mobile browser and go to this link below

Desktop App. Development

Designed, structured and implemented
local server applications for casino's
inventory and monitoring chips count,
table balance, podiums, registers,
pending list, and many more...

Desktop Development

QC Inspections, Inc.

Mobile Demo

Mobile Development Project in discretion of QC Inspections, Inc.
This database driven app monitors inspection reports,
requests, deviations, notable, and outstanding items.
This app was implemented with Backbone,
jQuery Mobile, PHP/MySQL, CSS3, and HTML5.

Web U.S. Mail
From scatch, designed database structures and
built the company Flash-based web applications
including admin, production and accounting
aspects of its business, using ASP,
SQL, Javascript, Action Script, Flash, Dynamic HTML
and many more ...

Networld Solutions, Inc.

Chuong Dong Inspection

Mobile Demo

Mobile web applications in discretion of
Chuong Dong Inspection Services. This app
involves producing reports of inspections,
invoices, budget,
and many admin functions.

Networld Solutions

Implemented an automating web applications
for returning products including product's
bar code reading, and embedding UPS status
updates. Also, built desktop
and web applications using ASP, SQL, Flash,
and Action Script ...

Networld Solutions, Inc.

Baccarat Mobile App

Baccarat Mobile

This mobile application calculates the winning
probability of each hand, presents the proper bet
amount to profit according to your selected
playing style, and customizes the exact amount for
back-up betting on dragon. This app
was implemented with MVC Backbone framework
with Underscore, Bootstrap,
jQuery Mobile, CSS3 and HTML5.

Andy 2ndlife Personal Page

Design with the matrix
theme in mind using
JQuery, Javascript and CSS3.
Background with numbers and
alphabetic characters
falling from the sky makes
one feel like he/she
is actually watching the movie.
Click here to view

Andy 2ndlife Personal Page v1

Personal Mobile Demo

Personal Mobile Demo

This app was just a personal web
app; However, it was intended to
accomplish the goal of compatibility
cross all mobile devices and browsers.
Use your mobile browser and click on this Mobile Demo Link

Hotel Reservation

Mobile appliction projects In discretion of
This mobile application is a hotel reservation
system where anyone could go to and reserve an
available room. It also has a Google map interface where
user can use and navigate to his/her hotel.
In addition, it's compatible through out
mobile devices and browsers

Hotel Reservation

Vuong Software Development previous version

previous version This site was one of Vuong Software Development
previous verions created with responsive design,
and compatible through out all devices' screen size.

Vuong Software Development, Inc.
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Our Mission Statement:

To listen to you, develop an understanding of your business goals and project objectives. With an open line of communication, we will work together as a team to accomplish this on time.

We help clients turn good ideas into great software products through creative collaboration, accountable work and relentless problem-solving.

Being super goal-oriented with confidence, we build professional customized software applications according to your business' need. We take pride in our work, and we dedicate our time to our projects. In addition, we are always on the lookout for better solutions, and we know there are always solutions to software application's problems.

We commit to deliver applications that are compatible on all browsers, all mobile devices, and all platforms.

We focus on our customers' business needs, and we convert their needs into data driven web/mobile applications. It doesn't matter what business you are in. If you have a business model, we will take it to the web for you to serve your clients.

We concentrate on providing the best user experience possible on all of our applications and delivering those applications in a timely fashion.

We pledge to make your business world more open and connected.

Vuong Software Development, Inc.